Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, they decided against doing the last radiation on my ribs. I went in and saw the radiology oncologist and got the pictures taken and all marked up and then they were able to match up exactly where I was having the pain and it did not coincide with what they had thought was causing it - the tumor on my rib. So they cancelled it.

Because the pain is still there they did a little more investigating and found that the source of my pain is my enlarged liver. It has been enlarged since this whole thing began but now it is apparently rubbing against my ribs or something and that is causing the pain. So the doctors' suggested treatment is either pain control or, more aggressive treatment of radiating my liver. Over the phone when they first recommended radiating my liver they had to tell me the risk - 5-10% liver failure. That was kinda scary to hear.

Since hearing that information we have been trying to make a decision whether to do it or not. We have researched info on the web (what a pain that is!!), talked with multiple doctors, prayed and fasted to know what the best thing for my body would be. I have also sent my medical records on to The Huntsman Cancer Institute located in Salt Lake City, Utah. As of now we are going through with the radiation to my liver. We feel like it is a good option. My type of cancer responds well to radiation, so there is a very good chance this will help my liver to get rid of some of that cancer that's in there. There is risk - 5-10% of liver failure. It can take 3-6 months to show up. We shall go on faith and hope for the best.

I meet with the doctor on Friday to get all lined up and might get another set of tattoos!! So exciting!! When my leg was radiated in January I got 3 freckle-sized tattoos on my legs. I'll let ya all know on Friday!!

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Keep us posted! Love ya! :)