Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Camping, Morphine, and kiddos

Last Friday we trekked out to Camp Nauvoo in Placerville (about an hour east of us). As we were approaching Placerville the rain started coming down. By the time we got there it was pretty much pouring! I was so mad! You plan all this time and then you get there and it's ruined. We decided to stay for dinner and the campfire program and then we loaded up the kids and drove home. All things considered, it was fun. The kids got to throw rocks into the creek. We got to eat a yummy dinner and enjoy the campfire. The kids performed on the stage at the campfire. Gloria even got up and told a ghost story - which I'm told she giggled most of the way through - I was back at the van getting Nephi and myself in warmer clothes. On the way home we got stopped in a Driver's License check point and the officer asked us how much David had had to drink. We responded with, "Absolutely nothing." to which he responded, "You do realize that it is Friday night, right?" What?! Not enough people to pull over I guess.

On Saturday I started Morphine and let me tell you it was HORRIBLE!! I took it for 3 days and I couldn't function. David was great and waited on me hand and foot and after the 3 days I had to stop taking it - I was having breathing trouble. So I called the doc and he lowered my dose by 50%. I just started that today so we shall see how it works. So far, so good.

Vilate left Tuesday to go on her class's "big" fieldtrip of the year. They went to Calaveras Big Trees and Mercer Cavererns. They were supposed to go Tuesday thru Thursday, but after terrible weather yesterday and a freezing night last night, they did what they could today and packed up and headed home. She was a little disappointed, but seems to have had a great time! Thanks to all the moms and dads who kept an eye on her - as well as all the other kiddos of mine that went traveling - Hyrum to Yosemite and Faith to Marin Headlands.

By the way, I figured out why I was so mad at everyone a week or so ago. It was the Vicodin. I had forgotten that it makes me really grumpy. Once I remembered and stopped taking it I was back to the occasionally grumpy normal. Man it was sure scary - for me and the kids when I was so angry. Things are much better now - hopefully Morphine won't cause the same temperament change.


Susi said...

Yikes... kind of scary about the morphine. Hope you will do better with the lower dose. Yesterday I overdosed on Ibuprofen! ha not really but It made me sick to my stomach because I took it on an empty stomach. Drugs really are so powerful... but their are so many miracle ones out there that I am thankful for. Hope you have a great Memorial weekend

Barbara said...

Hope you are doing better with the drugs this time. Keep me posted. The weather all over has been crazy this spring. We had snow again last Monday! Hope you are feeling better now. Have a fun bar-b-cue this weekend at your parents. We love you all.

Sydney said...

sounds like fun besides the rain and morphine....can't even imagine...prayers always<3