Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon

Okay so I am a Twilight fan. I wouldn't say I am a die-hard fan, but I do enjoy the escape that the books provide and I thought the story was good. I went to the premiere of Twilight and I had a group of girlfriends that were looking forward to the premiere of New Moon, so I had to go. I had chemo on Wednesday and then came home, ate dinner and headed over to my friend Kelsey's house for a Twilight showing and pre-New Moon party. It was really fun. Kelsey and Amber did a great job of decorating and Kelsey's husband Lance was really great about having all these crazy wannabe 13 year-old girls in his living room. It was great!!

The next night was the premiere. We got to the theater about 8:45-ish and the lines were awful. We actually were almost the last to be let into the lobby of the theater. Everyone else had to wait out side, and it sure was cold - we were really lucky!!

Around 10 they opened the theater and all but 2 of our group were there. We ate ice cream and nachos and loved visiting with each other until the movie started. I did leave the theater one more time to get hot cocoa.

It was a pretty good movie and I only fell asleep once for a few minutes, thanks to Dawn for waking me up!! I think hanging with the girls was so much fun that it kinda overshadowed the movie, but that's okay. A good time was had and I even got home before 3am!!

The next day the kids didn't have school so I didn't have to get up early and they even let me sleep in until 9am. So nice of them!

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Tami said...

Kaci - i'm so glad you got to go! I was thinking of you that night and hoping that you were there with me at the midnight showing in spirit... :) and lucky you - all my kids were up at 6 and i didn't get to bed till 3:30. ouch.