Friday, July 31, 2009

Blood Transfusion

On Wednesday I went in for my regular radiation appointment and then saw the doctor, which I do every Wednesday. Dr. Chen took one look at me and said that my blood count was low because I was so pale. He told me I needed to go and get a blood test. So, after Gloria's birthday party I went and had my blood tested and it turned out that I was, to quote the nurse, "about a quart low." So, on Thursday the nurse sent me to get "type and cross matched" so that today I could get a blood transfusion. This morning David and I dropped the kids at Sarah's house (THANK YOU!!!) and headed to radiation. After that we went straight to the oncology infusion center and sat there for 3 hours while I got my very first ever blood transfusion. Before I was even done with the first unit of blood (I got 2) my color was better. We are hopeful that this transfusion will keep me out of the hospital this round of chemo.

As for the rest of this week, it has been great. On Monday we took the kids swimming at the club and we ran into some friends and had a good visit. On Tuesday the kids had a primary activity at the church with the youth and I got to go and pick them up. I got to see some of my friends and show off my cool red wig. It was really nice to see them and visit. Wednesday was Gloria's birthday party and it was wonderful to have a good turnout of her friends and their moms. Thursday was low-key and I got a good nap - yay me! Then today after my transfusion David and I went to lunch at Panda Express and now we are just chillin at home. It has been a good week and I am looking forward to next week when my sister is coming to town. Next weekend we are headed to Dillion's beach with the entire Morgan Clan and we are really looking forward to that! So all-in-all another good week. Another week of radiation down and things are going well.

***Just a side note, if you happen to call and I don't answer, it is because it is hard for me to talk on the phone these days. My hearing is getting worse and the phone is really hard to hear and understand people on. Hearing loss is a side effect of chemotherapy and they are not sure yet if it is permanent or just temporary. If you want to get ahold of me the best way is email, I am an email addict and check it multiple times a day - although sometimes it might take me a day or two (or even a week) to respond! My email address is really easy: Feel free to drop me an email anytime! Thanks for all of your love and support!!


Orange Peanut said...

It was so good to see you at the Trek activity. You so rock that red wig!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kaci! I love reading your blog. You are so inspiring! I am sorry to hear about your hearing loss. That really sucks! Email is great. Free tty machines from the phone company are great too because you do not have to miss any phone calls. Using the relay service you can type/talk to anyone in real time if you need to. I do hope your loss is temporary. You sound like you're doing great. You are the BEST MOM and wife ever! - dawn remme