Thursday, May 28, 2009

My ER visit

Last Thursday, the day after graduation, started as everyother Thursday. The kids were a real pain to get up because of the late night before. We got up and headed over to their school. Hyrum was scheduled to go on a fieldtrip that day, and as the fieldtrip coordinator, I was having a bear of a time finding chaperones. I had enough drivers to get all the kids to the Sacramento County Fair, but one of my drivers was a little nervous about being responsible for 6 kids in that environment, and as a parent sending my kids, I was a little nervous as well. I went to the school and talked it over with Mrs. Kaspick and we decided that the kids wouldn't be able to go. So, I headed home.

Once home I started getting all the "little" kids (don't let Helaman know I am including him in that group please) dressed and ready for the day. We were expecting G'ma and G'pa Cox anytime. All the kids were ready and so was I when I decided to eat some oatmeal. I sat on the couch and suddenly my left shoulder began to hurt - kinda like a pulled muscle or like I had slept funny. Within 10 minutes I began having trouble taking a deep breath. Then I couldn't get comfortable - sitting, standing or laying down. I went back into my room and asked, well maybe told, David that I needed a priesthood blessing right away. He knew I was serious when I locked the door and started crying because the pain just kept getting worse. David put away his guitar immediately and gave me a blessing, after which he told me he felt impressed that I needed to call the doctor's office right away. I called and after speaking to the receptionist and sending a message to my doctor, I spoke with an advice nurse. The nurse advised me to go immediately to the emergency room and if I stopped breathing on the way there or if the pain got more severe to pull over and call 911.

David jumped up, got dressed in record time and we headed to car with 3 kids in tow. When we arrived at the ER I told David to just drop me off and I would call with information when I got it. He wasn't thrilled with the idea, but the idea of corraling 3 tykes in the ER was less inviting, so he headed home. It was a slow day in the ER - THANK GOODNESS!! They got me in within 15 minutes and the triage nurse was very concerned. The nurses took me right back and the doc came in quickly. The doc decided to start with Morphine (good stuff :)) and take a chest x-ray to see what was going on.

When the chest x-ray came back the doc looked grim. He said the x-ray was dramatically different from the one that I had had last year when I had a very bad cold. He told me that he suspected an aortic tear. I asked exactly what that meant - how they treated it. He said the closer the tear is to your heart the greater the chance of surgery, but the farther away, it might be able to be treated with medicine. He wanted to order an EKG and a CATSCAN with dye. Then he left me with these wonderful words of comfort, "You know, John Ritter died of this." Good job doc! I immediately got on the phone with David and told him and then said that I would call Nancy (my awesome mom) and see if she could come and sit with me. Afterall Mom and Dad Cox were only here for the day and I wanted David to be able to visit with them. I tried Nancy and she had just gone over to the dentist so I called my amazing Dad. He offered to come, but I told him I would be fine and just give him a call when I knew anything else.

I took the tests and was just sitting in my ER bed when in walked my parents. Following right behind was the doctor. I am so glad that my parents made it before the news was broken to me. The doctor said that the news was worse than he thought. There was no aortic tear. My abdomen was full of tumors. They located them in my liver and spleen and by my aorta, esophogus and on my rib, spine and hip. I think that is all the places that he mentioned. He said that they were working on getting me admitted to the hospital so that more tests could be run - especially a biopsy. I was floored. My parents were shocked. The doctor asked if we had any questions, and I don't remember if we did. Then he left us. My Dad immediately called David and told him that he needed to come to the hospital right away and leave the kids with his parents. David showed up and we called the doc to come in and explain what he told us again.

I was admitted and they ordered a biopsy of my liver because that is where the highest concentration of the tumors is. The biopsy was done on Friday and I was kept in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon on pain killers. They finally sent me home because I could be medicated at home and just wait for the results with my family.

During those 6 days - and still continuing - so many people visited me and helped my family. I am so blessed to have been sent into a wonderful and supportive family (mine and David's) and to have so many friends. As I finish this post I am crying, not because I am sad or scared, but because I know that while this will be a hard road ahead of us, I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. I thank you for all of your love, prayers, help with kids, dinners - that keep on coming, and everything else that you are doing for us. Your families are showing my "little" family what true love is and we hope to return the favor some day!

My biopsy results are in and tomorrow we will know what kind of cancer we are battling - because we will battle this and we will win! There is no other option and I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to come off conquering! So I will!!! Stay tuned. This blog will be the easiest way for us to keep all of you updated. Thanks for all you do! We love you!!!!


Tami said...

Kaci I'm so happy to see you blogging! We are thinking of you and the fam constantly. Everyone is praying for you. I'm so glad to hear about all the support your friends, family, and ward are giving. If there is any family strong enough and good enough to get through something like this - it's yours! We love you.

Is it too much to pray that you guys will somehow make it to Yosemite?? You never know... :)

Kaci said...

Tami, we are praying to be able to go to Yosemite as well! I just told David today that I REALLY, REALLY want to go!!!

Katie said...

i love ya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaci and Family,
Thank you for sharing on your blog. You are in our Prayers and thoughts.
God Bless You!
Josh and Kelly Kline

Jenni said...

Kaci you are an inspiration to us all!! Nothing can bring such a strong, positive and wonderful person down. Cancer is all about attitude, my mom has ovarian and she refuses to let it get her, she is a 3 year survivor (the doctors are still in shock she was stage 4c)but she is alive because she refuses to give in. You are the same way it is just a bully and you won't let it bully you!! My family is here to help in anyway we can, we are praying for you!
Jenni Walker and Family

Shooting Starchild said...

Reading your post gave me chills and made me teary eyed! You are an amazing example to me. You have such a good and grateful attitude. Darren and I are praying for you. When I exercise my faith for you it feels really strong, stronger than what I thought I had. I believe you when you say that Father wants you to come off conqueror. I can feel it.