Saturday, March 7, 2009

Play Ball

This week was the beginning of baseball season. This year we have 2 teams. Faith and Hyrum are on the Diamondbacks and Vilate and Helaman are on the Cubs. I am a little nervous as we have practice 4 days a week. Last season I was totally spoiled and the practices of those 2 teams overlapped and so did many of their games. Oh well! The kids absolutely love it and it is really fun!! I can't wait for the kids to get their uniforms and start playing the games. I love cheering them on and taking pictures. We have the season opener the last Saturday in March. Apparently our T-Ball team is going to have 14 games and I am assuming that the other team will have that many as well. Looks like we are gearing up for a busy season...but I am soooo glad!!!

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