Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 Things I like about far

So, I got tagged and I figured this would be a good way to quickly update the blog.

1. I got to go to school today. (with no kids in tow)
2. I am kicking the sugar habit! (I am determined to lose those last 30+ pounds)
3. I have the greatest kids in the world!
4. My husband drove the carpool for me today so that I could go to class. (nice guy, huh?)
5. My kids get to be involve in scouts and David is at Kiddie Korral getting the stuff for them which means I don't have to go!

So there you have it.....5 great things about today.


Danielle said...

old guy at kiddie Korral got me to buy everything he suckered me I ended up spending 100 bucks there

Katie said...

I hate that. I have to buy new shirts for matthew and nathan. This will cost me an arm and a leg. and maybe a toe, too.

Kaci said...

Dave spent over $200...ugh!!! But I can't really argue...we did need some of the stuff!! With 2 girl scouts and one cub and investing in long-term pinewood derbys...this is our first of MANY...I guess it's not so bad.