Thursday, December 4, 2008


I feel like I have missed a lot of blogging opportunites lately. My schedule is just crazy busy and I have not made the time to blog. So, while I am not going to play catch up just yet, know that it is in the works and I will upload some phots to facebook if you are interested.

I have a major confession to make...I have a phone phobia. I know it sounds so silly!! I am afraid of calling people. This has been around since I was a teenager. My dad used to tease me and threaten to make me call a list of members of our ward on Sunday morning just to say, "hope you make it to church today." He never came through with the threat, but I was terrified!!! What is it that scares me? I have NO idea!!!! Actually, I think of all these silly things: What if they don't know who I am, even after I explain who I am? What if I am bothering them? What if this person really can't stand me and is irritated that I am calling them?

This phobia is becoming worse. Did you know that I even make David call his parents for me? Crazy, huh? I don't even like to call my own brother!!! Okay, there are some people that I am fine with calling: Aimee, Krissy, my little sister Jeni, my Dad, most of the time I don't have a problem calling Nancy, my step-mom, but sometimes I have to get the courage up to do it. Now, you should know that I can accept calls from anyone and everyone...the phobia is in the making of the calls. If I have something really important to discuss or I am asking for a phone number or something I can usually do that, but anything else, sometimes even returning a phone call is a challenge!!

I am hoping that now that everyone knows that I am so ridiculous that you will all forgive me for not calling you!!! Many years ago I lost touch with my best friend growing up, the teen years. Her name is Amy. Her family moved to Utah a year or so after we graduated. I found her brother on Facebook and messaged him. He immediately sent me her number and said that she would be thrilled to hear from me...that was TWO WEEKS ago...have I called her? NO WAY!! I am such a dork!!!!

I am thinking that I need "full immersion therapy." When Vilate had the dog phobia, that is what she had to do...she is still nervous around dogs, but we don't seem to have the panic attacks and the bunny at school is her best friend. So, if it worked for her, it should work for me.... if I could only get up the courage to call people....Not gonna happen today....and I am betting that tomorrow is off too!!!!! Maybe I will try on Christmas? Stay tuned!!!!

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Katie said...

I had no idea you and I had the same phobia!
Why do think I didn't call to chat?
You are no where near a dork.
I am the queen of texting, because of this ridiculousness. I have probably lost many a new friendships over the years, beause I was just afraid to call.
All that time wasted.
I don't call my In-laws either. And she was just in the hospital. I know, I am horrible.
I don't call anyone back that has a problem with our bill paying or lack there of sometimes. I make Jeff call. I am so paranoid they will get mad at me.
You know, I never called for a pizza until I was 19 years old. and I was terrified the whole time.
It took me years to do it again.
So don't be too hard on yourself. And the "face your fears" thing...I was forced into making a few calls the other day and it was really hard.
I know you can do it, too.