Friday, October 10, 2008

Proposition 8

Well, I really feel that I need to write something about Prop 8. I just saw a YouTube clip on a friend's blog. At first it seemed kind of sappy....but as it continued, I felt so impressed that this is the right thing. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The Lord has already spoken on this issue. Pretty simple.

On another friend's blog, I got involved in a discussion that I probably should have stayed out of. I had someone tell me that what I was saying was just "religious dogma." Okay, I'll admit, that I had to go and look up what that meant. Maybe it is religious dogma (which by the way means - according to : A doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church). But, ya know when it is just me and I really ponder marriage the answer I get comes to ME. I know that the Lord has a way of doing things. He really knows the BEST way to do things - a way that really works. I want to be on His side and doing what He wants me to do. The answer that I get is that His way is: "marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children." Yes that is what my religion teaches. So, yes it is religious dogma, BUT it is also what I KNOW TO BE TRUE!!! I KNOW IT!!!!

The Lord has prescribed a way for His children to live on this earth. He has prescribed a way for us to follow and be happy and then in the "end" be able to live with Him again and even become like Him. What a blessing that is. What a blessing that knowledge is! Those who choose to follow Him will be blessed and will have eternal happiness. I know that they will not always have an easy life - got it, but in the "end" it will be way worth it. Those that choose to not follow Him and think that they know better might have what they think is happiness...heck they might even really be happy here and now, but in the "end" they will be anything BUT happy. They will see the error of their ways and will have to answer to God why they chose what they did and then live through eternity with the consequences.

Looking at Proposition 8 with a little different spin, the nature spin: Nature has selected against gay marriage. It's true. David took a class last semester on Anthropology. He learned a lot about natural selection. One thing he taught me was that nature chooses things to continue reproducing and to not. The meer fact that a homosexual couple cannot reproduce tells us that nature has selected against it. Nature doesn't allow for that couple to reproduce. Interesting.

Also, in my Early Childhood Education Class I had to look at some information on birth order. I found it very interesting that they listed a "Sexual dysfunction resulting from childhood sexual abuse" as homosexuality. Check it out if you are interested at So it seems that even the scientists can't figure out if it is a dysfunction or not. With nature selecting against it it sure appears as such.

Now, just to clarify, I am NOT saying that those with homosexual feelings are "bad," "evil," or "hell-bound." Personally I don't believe that it is something that someone is "born with." I believe that some people might have more of those types of feelings than others, but it is not a DNA thing. I am sure that it would be a very difficult thing to deal with and I don't know what that is like from first-hand knowledge. But, I do know that the Lord has said that it is not okay to act on those feelings. The action is what I have a problem with. The action is what the Lord has a problem with. I do know people that have chosen this lifestyle. In fact, my old hairstylest...the nicest man around, was gay and he lived with his partner. I love him. He was so kind and loved my kids...he moved which is why he no longer does my hair. He was great, but I didn't approve of his life choices, so we just didn't discuss it. We chose to be friends and enjoy our time together. He knew my position and I knew his.

I know that our Father in Heaven loves all of us. He truly does. I know that we need to protect marriage. I am encouraging anyone who reads this to vote YES on proposition 8.

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Danielle said...

i totally cried too LOL but then i am a crier at least lately - anyways i love that video because it shows the plain and simple truth that a child can not be created without a male and a female and to live a life without one of those components is that much harder and to bring into the mix of 2 males or 2 females is harder still but as life has it sometimes we do end up in those situations wether by choice or not in all the hubabalub about prop 8 and if it is fair or not no one ever mentions the effects it has on the kids ( at least the arguments i have been reading) and this video just brought a whole new light to it for me

oh and on a side note - i see you went to mt lassen??? hello why did ya not call? katie and i so would have driven up for the day, it is not that far - we are actually going there for a field trip this thursday how was it?