Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny Helaman

Quick note about my silly boy. The other day Vilate pointed out the beautiful green sharpie that is decorating the hallway. I investigated and found:

So, being the mom that I am I asked Helaman, who loves to write his name on everything, if he had any idea who might have colored on the wall...coincidently his name starts with an H and has 2 A's in it. He said no with a bit of a guilty look on his face. Then when I asked if he was absolutely sure that he had nothing to do with it, I got the most awesome answer...."Well, will who did it get in trouble?" My response was something like, "I really can't say, but if they are honest, it will be a lot easier." He looked down and then said with a sad face, "I did it."

Cute, sweet little boy!!! I sure do love him. He didn't get in trouble, but he did have to scrub the wall!!!


Jenny said...

Look at you miss LOve and Logic mom! I should be unpacking. I should be cleaning. I should be playing with my children. But I'm not. I'm reading your blog and escaping reality. It is a beautiful city we live in. As for the state...the verdict is still out on that one!! I'm missing friends.

tylersgirl said...

Sounds fair. Logo is my coloring bandit right now. Grr.

Barbara said...

Good story. Good
om. Good boy.
Love, Gma Cox