Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach, Birthdays, & Baptism

This last week has been a blast!!

The Morgan side of our family had a family reunion/vacation together...we went to Dillion's Beach! It was a blast. Huge THANKS go out to Grandma and Grandpa for getting the beach house and organizing the great vacation. It was fun to be together, but we did miss one of the branches to the family tree. Jeni, Joe and the girls were not able to make the trek from Idaho...we hope you can soon!! We were about a five minute walk from the beach. It was fantastic. The only draw-back was trying to get Kelli to walk down the hill...she was a LITTLE nervous and it took a bit of patience to get her to go. We built sand castles, made kids into mermaids, visited the tidepools, collected shells, climbed in the sand dunes, watched Aunt Jenny and Uncle Marchane brave the FREEZING COLD water, and had a blast!!

The day after we got back from Dillion's we celebrated Hyrum's birthday. He was so excited to get a pogo stick...can you believe these things are popular again. Why did I ever get rid of the toys when I was a they are playing with the same ones!! Then the next day we celebrated Gloria's birthday with a tea party. She invited, "my friend Carly, friend Char-Char, and Sister Brown." Carly and Charlotte are her age, Sister Brown is my friend and Gloria just adores her...who wouldn't?

In two days we will be having Hyrum's baptism. Grandma and Grandpa Cox are making the trek from Utah and Hyrum is thrilled. We are so grateful to have family near and far that are willing to sacrifice their time and talents to attend and participate in our kids activities. It sure shows the kids that they are important to their Grandparents and other friends and family.

As for pictures of all these fantastic events...I have them, but my good computer is out of commision right now so, you will have to wait for my stellar photos!!

Have a great last few weeks of summer everyone!! We will!!!


grant and josie said...

beaches are a blast! tell hyrum congrats for us, your kids are awesome, ill miss having them for a good example to our kids.

Danielle said...

my mom is wanting to do the whole beach thing - sounds like you guys had alot of fun

congrats on getting baptized hyrum

Jenny said...

Wow, busy busy busy! Are you ever not busy!! Now that we are moving we are really goingt o have to keep in contact with our blogs! I'm so glad you have one!