Friday, May 9, 2008

Hyrum Update

Well, we took Hyrum back to the Doctor for a recheck on his arm and they xrayed it and they said that it looked good. YEAH!!! WOO-HOO!!! I was so terrified that they would have to do something to torture the boy more, but we were lucky. They did have to change his cast as his arm had been so swollen and now the cast was too roomy. He was excited that he got to change the color of his cast and went from green to red. The doc then said that we need to go back on the 19th of May for another xray and at that time they will recast again, this time with a cast that stops before the elbow. Hyrum was thrilled! He said that he wants a blue cast, but I think he now wants a green one and then he will color on it with a black sharpie to make it look like an army cast. Interesting!!

The only concerning thing was that when they took off the original cast, his arm was totally crooked (is that spelled right?). He was a little concerned and mentioned to me that his arm looked really funny. The doc said that that was normal, but that within 6 months his arm should look normal. Hyrum and I were okay with long as it really happens!!

Hyrum has adapted well and thinks that it is great that Mom has to write his summaries for school as he dictates them. He is even still able to play baseball. He hits the ball like he is holding a tennis racket and is practicing his back-hand. He is really quite good and was so excited that he did not have to sit out the entire season.

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